Kai Kristansen Wall Systems in Teak


A spectacular mid-century modern Danish Wall System by Kai Kristiansen, this piece is beautiful and also functional. Perfect for a home office, library space, or kids rooms.

We currently have a wide variety of Kai Kristiansen components to build your own custom wall system.

Each bay consisting of 2 wall mounts is around 800mm wide.

The components we currently have consist of:

Shelves 280mm deep

Shelves 240mm deep

Shelves 180 deep

Desk without drawers

1 medium size desk plate.

Should you like to build a system for your home please contact Kelly for further details - 0413 688 475. For a guide on pricing allow $2200 for two wall mounts and 5 pieces within this bay.

We can also add to your system with future shipments.

All pieces are interchangeable to suit your home and needs.  These systems are quite rare these days.