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  • Designer Unknown Origin : Denmark Age c.1960's Wood Teak Dimensions 520 high, 1530 long and 570 wide. Price $1695

  • Designer: Unknown. Origin: Danish Age c. 1960s Wood Teak Dimensions 850 long, 470 wide, 520 high. Price $995 This stunning Danish Teak Coffee Table / side table is in beautiful condition and has the added bonus of the lovely rattan shelf.

  • Designer Fler. Origin Australian Mid Century Age 1960 Upholstery Mokum Qty Available 6 Price $495 each

  • Vintage low-backed X-framed Sigurd Ressell designed Falcon chair, 1970s. A super comfortable, amazing looking 1970s Sigurd Resell designed iconic Falcon chair. X framed with hammock design. Produced by Vatne Mobler, Norway.

  • Origin Czech Age c. 1960s Wood Teak Upholstery : Upholstered in a Warwick Lustrell Black. Qty Available 4 Available, sold in set a set of 2 or 4. Price $495 each.

  • Designer Tony Parker Origin Australian Age c 1960s Upholstery Qty Available 6 - we have another 12 which are yet to be upholstered should you not like the black. Price $495 each. Price includes your selection of fabric from Warwick / Zepel / Mokum.

  • Highback reclining lounge chair designed by Alf Svensson and manufactured by Fritz Hansen. The chair is in elm and has its original fabric Age 1960's H 94 cm x W 72 cm x D 89 cm Wood Elm Upholstery Original Qty Available 1. Price $2200

  • Designer Parker Origin Australia Age c. 1960s Wood Teak Upholstery customer selection Qty Available set of 8, incl. 2 carvers Price $495 per chair

  • This set of 6  Model 71 dining chairs were designed by Niels Otto Möller during the 1960s in Denmark and produced by the family business, J.L Møllers. The chairs have an ergonomic teak frame and a fabric-covered seat upholstery. The set is in a very good original condition. $995 each.

  • Origin: Australian Mid Century Danish Designer: Fred Lowen for Fler. We have a set of 20 of these chairs currently available. We can restore and upholster to suit your home requirements. Price $495 per chair, includes restoration and upholstery. We do have a set on the floor ready to be delivered to your home. found 07 5534 7628

  • Origin: Danish Timber: Oak. Upholstery: Your selection, please call found to discover the wide range of fabric included in the price. price $550  each.

  • origin Danisih age c. 1960s wood Teak dimensions price $1495

Showing 13 - 24 of 210 items