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  • This beauty is ideal for bedroom storage or as an entry way piece. Specs 790 wide, 390 deep, 105 high. Price: $1895 These are yet to be restored by the found team - flawless once the team has restored them back to their former glory. id 74/Oct 19.

  • Danish Teak Tall boy. This beautiful piece has just arrived in our latest shipment. The specs are 740 wide, 410 deep and 101 high. Price $1995. id 537190ct.

  • This six drawer teak dresser features unique carved drawer pulls and tapered legs. Locking top drawer and classic vintage style make this the perfect storage solution for any room. Specs 790 wide, 400 deep and 108 high. Price $2200. id. 77/595190ct.

  • This simple and lovely tall boy would be ideal as an entry way piece or as bedroom storage. The specs are 750 wide, 390 deep, and 108 high. Priced at $1895. id42-595.

  • This is a generous Danish Teak Tall Boy with a lovely American Oak base the drawers sit upon. The specs are 1230 high, 420 deep and 760 wide. Priced at $2200. Id 700/52/19/10

  • Danish Tall Boy. Newly refinished Danish teak tall dresser. The 6 dovetailed drawers have sculpted teak handles. The top drawer also has a lock. Specs: 700 mm wide, 410 deep and 1070mm high. Price: $1895 Id. 75

  • Classic bookcase 1960s Rosewood Book case designed by Poul Hundevada, made by the Hundevad & Co. manufacture. Adjustable shelves. Measurements: height 1520mm width 1380 mm depth 300 mm. Priced at $2495. id.73

  • It is not often that we are able to source a Low boy of this size. This Danish Teak Low boy 770 wide, 915 high and 410 deep. 5 drawers. Priced at $1695. id.12

  • This Danish Teak Sideboard is perfect for those of you who are tight on space. Behind the two sliding doors reveal adjustable shelves and a pull out felt lined drawer. Specs are 1200mm wide, 450 deep and 790 high. Price:$2200 This piece is yet to be restored by the found team and will be flawless once completed. id.674/81

  • This large Kai Kristiansen Wall unit is the ultimate book case, storage solution, and also contains a light box. This system consists of: 4 Wall Mounts - more can be available upon request. 1 x desk component. 1 x light box 1 x extra large shelf - 280 deep. 10 large shelves - 240 deep. 3 small shelves - 180mm deep. Each shelf has been designed to...

  • This beautiful and stylish piece has been designed to be wall mounted. It would float on your wall, and both sides drop down to reveal an area for pouring drinks and storage. We really haven't seen anything quite like this before. Specs : 830 mm wide, 490 high and 260 deepĀ  / 700 deep when shelf is down. Priced at $1695.

  • We are delighted to showcase our most recent design, our Found Mid Century Styled Bed Head and Base. Designed to accommodate a contemporary bed. Most vintage bed heads and bases don't accommodate the modern bed size. Our Bed Heads are available in Queen or King Size and so too are the bed bases. Our Bed range is available in Teak or Oak. The bedsides...

Showing 73 - 84 of 84 items