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  • It is not often that we come across something of this size. This Danish Oak Cupboard is 1000mm wide, 600 high and is 500 deep. This piece has just arrived out of latest Danish shipment and is yet to be restored. Priced at $1895.

  • It is not often that we can source Oak pieces and we are lucky to have this lovely Oak Tall boy in our found hands. This piece is 970 high, 795 wide and 390 deep. This piece is yet to be restored by the found team and we can work with you regarding the final timber finish. Priced at $2200

  • Attached is imagery of our custom made Wall systems by found furniture. These pieces can be made to suit your home specs and come in an Oak or Teak Finish. Components can be made to order ie. In built desks, drawers, a variety of shelf depths, cupboards with sliding doors or pull open doors and inbuilt lights. Wall Mounts can vary in height to accomdate...

  • This the ultimate in Bar storage and entertaining. The top pieces fold out to create a large bar space for pouring drinks. Multiple Shelves including a Ice bucket holder and whine shelves. All the shelves and drawers pull out for the ultimate in storage, and even a section to hold your tea towel. Priced at $1895. Price includes restoration. Designer:Chiwell.

  • It is not often that we are able to source an Oak Sideboard. This beauty has just arrived on the found showroom floor. This piece has plenty of storage and would also work for holding your TV and entertainment Systems. Origin : Denmark Timber: Danish Oak Specs: 2000mm long, 850 high and 420 deep. Priced at $4400.

  • It is a miracle, finally we have substantial bedsides which have plenty of storage contatined in the 5 drawers and are high enough to sit with contempory beds Origin Denmark Age c. 1960s Wood:  Teak Dimensions width 1000mm wide, 800 high and 470 deep Price $2200 per set of drawers/bedsides. *Please note in the imagery the pieces are yet to be restored....

  • This is a stunning example of a simple, elegant Rosewood Sideboard by Poul Hundevad. Origin: Danish Timber: Rosewood Designer: Poul Hundevad Specs: 2160mm long, 780 mm high and 430 deep. Price: $4900

  • This lovely teak Danish sideboard consists of 5 external drawers and 3 sliding doors. Specs are 2000mm long, 450 deep and 840 high. Origin: Denmark Timber: Teak Price: $4400

  • These stylish and simple Danish Bedsides have arrived in store at found. Each Bedsides contains two drawers for storage, and on the iconic Cigar shaped legs. Delightful. Specs: 540 high, 800 wide  320 deep. $1995 for the pair.

  • This  Danish Teak Chestis yet to be fully restored by the found team. This low and long chest of drawers has just arrived in our latested Dec 18 shipment. Features 6 dovetailed drawers and sleek and minimal designed handles. Ideal for a bedroom or as an entertainment storage solution. Specs: 1200mm long, 400 deep and 790 high. Priced $1995 Price includes...

  • This lovely piece is currently being restored by the found teak. It features 2 door with a secret drop down bar feature and in built drawers. Specs 1840 long, 765 high, 470 deep. Priced at $1695.

Showing 37 - 48 of 66 items